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I'm interested in the gamification ecosystem as a set of tools for teaching, learning and communication. I favor Python as my primary programming Language for serious work. However Programming is much more than just knowing a computer language. It starts with the humain brain and the creative process. It relies on a correct understanding of the project or Problem to solve, Thus good Programming demands:

  • a) the ability to listen and communicate to gain deep understanding of a Project or Problem to solve
  • b) the ability to play with Top-down and bottom up approach to zero in on the tasks to do
  • c) the ability to recognize patterns and recycle solutions
  • d) the humility to share with others and let go of the ego

WORK & Tech

Agile & Lean Projects
ROLES: Team LEAD / scrummaster

This is where I step out of the way of those who "do the doing" , and step out of my way to help the team succeed. As a certified scrummaster I am carefull not to confuse being a team LEAD and being the scrummaster. I usually stick to one role per project. As a Team LEAD I am usually responsible for the software architecture and the oversight of the work of the software team, and coordinates the work of the designers working with the team. As a scrummaster, I take the back sit when it comes to actual technical output, and instead concentrate on helping the team flow thru the development process, one iteration at a time.

tools/concepts: SCRUM - Kanban - MVP

Back-end Developer
ROLES: Python Developper (programmer-hacker-coder)

This is where I get into the heart of the Machine.
Let's talk about empowering your vision.

  • Data: Collect and recall
  • Crunching: Compute and Process
  • Analysis: Interpret and reframe
  • Leverage: Package and share

tools/concepts: UserStories, BDD, TDD

Front-end Developer
ROLES: Product Prototype, initial UX design

This is where I get into the head of the User.
Tell me about your P.A.I.N. :

  • Project or Problem (to solve)
  • Agenda/Ambition or Angst/Anger (to fix)
  • Inspiration or Irritation (to heal)
  • Niche and Needs (to get started)

tools/concepts: Javascript/JQuery/Brython, HTML5/canvas, WebGl, D3js

FUN & Art

Check my poetic side
ROLES: Poet, essayist

Read my poems, essays ... here (coming soon)

tools/concepts: pen&paper, {love, pain, fear, joy}

Songs of yesteryears
ROLES: Singer/songwriter/Guitarist

I will upload my songs and video here once i figure out how to protect them. (coming soon)

tools/concepts: mp3 recoder, electric guitar, an audience

Gamification as a teaching and learning tool
ROLES: Overgrown Kid, Avid Learner

Programming games were my first initiation to computer programming. Taipan the text trading simulation was my first game adiction. TuxMath was my first insight in to what can be done to help kids (and adults) learn without fear of failure. Finally the Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson is the watershed event that compels me to participate in what ever can be done to evolve and merge E-education with the acting and the massive multiplayer online games industry. Read the book! You'll understand what I mean. The goal: Customized Quality Education For All.
For now, lets see what we can do on the game coding front (coming soon)

tools/concept: structured fun games, learning by trials and understanding errors


Importance for the job





Hg/Git version control

D3.js/WebGL ...


customer analysis system


CAS or Civic Action System is a collective action cloud application. Efficient procurement operations with a standardized, automated, and integrated procure-to-action process – including daily requisitions (with spot sourcing), an order-and-act process, secured online access to catalogs, automated rebate tracking, and processing and optimizing tasks focused on value-added activities – help to reduce operating cost. They also increase realized savings, maximize contract compliance, and improve procurement productivity.


Div7 : Mission Possible

Div7 is a Q&A / Forum application, only better, because it uses game logic to interact with the users. Its a showcase for mobile payments and particularly Bitcoin

Project LEAD


What if we pushed open source to the max in education. The way we learn ought to be freely shared and improved. This cloud app is a place to share, rate and refactor *cornell notes*

Product Owner|Fullstack|Project LEAD



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